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Point of Sale

Express billing and barcode scanning option, Credit customers, Credit cards, Bill on hold function, Recall hold bills, Discount minus (percentage), Discount plus (percentage),Item wise discount(percentage), Manual minus (Total bill), Manual plus (Total bill), Multy levels of pricing, Payback, Pay in, Refund, Void and cancel, Not found Sale, Department Sale, Price Enquiry etc.

Point of sale (POS) transaction processing systems are constantly evolving, and TransFirst keeps pace by offering tech-forward solutions that work reliably wherever you need to go to make the sale.

Our Team

Our team includes highly trained people, who are industry experts, accountants and entrepreneurs passionate to deliver the best solution to customers. The collective experience and commitment of our people in answering millions of customer queries enable to understand the problems of our customers and helping out in their business.

acSys ERP Business Scope

with a single software program that facilitates various functional modules.

  • Suitable for All SMEs.
  • Project based billing, costs and inventory control for Construction and service based companies
  • Retail business like Garments, Cosmetics, Gift shops and similar business profile can be approached
  • Contracting and Manufacturing companies
  • Suitable for small. Medium and Enterprise business model
  • Cargo & Frieght Forwared services
  • Suitable for Typing Centers
  • Suitable for Auto Spare parts